Take Selfies Like A Pro (The LG Way!)

You want to know how to take great Selfies? LG will show you how.

Taking selfies is the latest universal fun way to show the world your personality, confidence and fashion sense. Whats more, everyone is doing it.

Some phones were just built for taking selfies, like the LG G2 and the LG G3, but not everyone has such phones, so we’ll teach you how to take good ones with your phone. Taking great selfies isn’t about just pointing your phone and taking a shot, it’s an art, and we’ll teach you how to do it, then show you how to win great phones from LG on the #SelfieLikeAPro Contest.

Selfies, LG G3

1. Strike a pose with a good angle

So as to take a great Selfie, you’ll need to experiment with different angles to see what works best. Turning your head on different angles will showcase different features of your face. The best way to point the camera is by holding it slightly above your head. If you know your ‘Good side’, taking a photo from that side will give you a great selfie, but if you don’t then you’ll have to experiment with different angles.

2. Show off something new

You could have a new haircut, hair style, make up, earrings, shirt or moustache, and you want to showcase it in the Selfie. You can also be holding an item you just bought, or food you’re about to eat. To do so, ensure you take the photo in an angle that highlights the feature you want the world to see.

3. Be Cheerful

They say a smile is the universal language of kindness, that’s why selfies with smiles are the most viral ones. A sad face shows a negative image of you, which is most probably not what you want to show the world.

4. Be Interesting

It depends with what you want to portray, as a smile always goes a long way, and it’s the most appreciated and charming expression you can wear. Just in case you are the serious type, cool and collected, you can also do it right. Play around with different expressions, a coy smile or a flattering wide grin will do.

5. Show Emotions

To look authentic on a Selfie, take one when you’re feeling an emotion. You can do it when watching a hilarious movie, after hearing some great news, eating great food or having visited a special place. This way it will look genuine because its attached to a great emotion.

6. Use a great phone

LG Selfie Like A Pro!

A great phone will always get it right. If you have an advanced phone like an LG G2, LG G3 or an LG L70, you won’t have to work hard to take a great Selfie. These phones are advanced with great features for taking selfies, and have strong front cameras to do the job, and after the Selfie you can easily edit the picture then share it with your friends across all social networks. LG G3 has a new Gesture Shot which is very easy to use for getting selfies.

Whats better is you get a chance to win an LG G3 or an LG L70 in the #SelfieLikeAPro Contest which is ongoing on LG Mobile Kenya Facebook Page, and you can win these phones for Easter.



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