Refrigerator Tips During A Power Outage

Keep Food Safe during A Power Outage

Power outages and surges are a common occurrence in most parts of Eastern Africa. They are not only a danger to your fridge or freezer, but also to your food.

If your fridge doesn’t have a cooling retention technology to keep food cool during a power outage like Evercool, then you need to read the tips below.

In case of an outage, perishable food like meat and poultry can begin to develop bacteria if the temperature of a refrigerator rises above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures of perishable foods should be checked as soon as the power is back, especially for high risk foods like milk, meat, and eggs.

To know if the food is fresh or spoilt, simply looking at it won’t help.

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Below are a few things to do to keep food safe from bacteria when there’s an power outage and after power is back;

Keep your refrigerator and freezer doors closed when there’s an outage to keep your foods cold as long as possible
Get a cooler with ice to use as storage for some perishable foods in the event of a long power outage.
If the fridge temperature rises to 40 degrees Fahrenheit and above, perishable foods should be thrown away.
When the power is back, the food could have bacteria, so do not taste to see if fresh or not.
Watch out for dairy products as they easily spoil on dropping temperatures.
Presence or absence of ice crystals on food in the freezer and their temperature should be checked to know if food is safe to keep.
A thermometer can be used to check temperatures, so have it around.
Don’t refreeze food items with a temperature of or above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
Foods should be arranged close together in the freezer to stay colder for longer.
Always have some none-perishable food items around to have in case of an outage.
Check the appliance thermometer inside the refrigerator to determine its temperature.
If there is raw meat juice that has touched another food item then the item may have experienced contamination and should be thrown out.
Food can stay safe for hours if the refrigerator doors remain closed during an outage.
Keep coolers for storing perishable foods in a cool area.

We hope these tips helped if your fridge doesn’t have Evercool or any other cooling retention technology. Most of the new fridges have cooling retention technology, so if you’re shopping for a new fridge, remember to check if it has that innovative technology.

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