The LG G3 Knock Code™ Feature

Knock, Knock on the LG G3

LG’s Knock Code™ feature allows you to choose a customized “knock pattern” that grants you instant access to your phone. It is a key part of new LG smartphone models like the new LG G3 which has great features that make other smartphones look obsolete, as well as several other LG smartphones… LG’s Knock On™ has been a popular feature of various LG smartphones, as it allows you to wake up your phone with a simple knock. Now, LG went even further with Knock Code™, which is unique in its ability to both wake and unlock your phone in one step—a clear time-saver!

LG G3, Knock Code

How it works

With Knock Code™, the smartphone display is divided into four invisible quadrants. The user knocks (or more like, taps) anywhere from two to eight times in the quadrants, in a specific chosen sequence. There are over 80,000 possible combinations, providing a greater level of security than on other devices. The “knock pattern” can be implemented anywhere on the screen in any size, for convenient one-handed usage. Your own personal “knock pattern”? Quite a handy and secure tool amidst your busy—and sometimes crowded activities!

The LG G3 is now available in LG Kenya and Eastern African market at a price of Ksh 53,000. It is feature packed and has a lot of tips and tricks that make it the best smartphone in the world. Check out some great setup guides to make the most of the G3.

Simple is the new smart.

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