TV Review: LG 65″ 4K UHD Smart TV

Most of the new LG Smart TVs released in 2015 are 4K Ultra High Definition resolution. LG has managed to deliver that unique ingredient to its 65″ UF950T television with Color Prime, a new technology that can increase the color range of the TV by using different LED phosphor colors to create a more lifelike depth and quality.

LG has certainly found its stride in the TV market in the last couple of years in design, features, connectivity and picture quality.

Design has become a major factor for customers when it comes to buying a TV and the LG 65″ UF950T certainly looks the part.
It has a thin design – it’s just 8.5mm at its thinnest point. Something that’s also thin on the TV is the bezel that frames the panel. It is so narrow all you’ll see is the screen.
The TV rests on a curved stand to give it a gravity-defying look.
The whole back panel of the TV is white and all of the inputs (four HDMI, three USB) located on right side of the rear plate.

65" TV

The LG 65UF950T smart TV has a thin bezel around the screen
The bottom line is the LG smart TV wouldn’t look out of place even in the most stylish room.

Today’s smart TVs have more in common with a computer than ever before.
It behaves like a computer – it connects to the internet, accesses online content, runs applications and also has it own operating system.
And that’s why LG has put a quad-core processor under the hood. This makes it possible to change channels quickly and easily and smoothly navigate the system.
The TV only takes a few seconds to power up and you can surf the channels right away.

THIN, 65" TV

The LG 65UF950T is just 8.5mm at its thinnest point
LG’s webOS is the software that runs the TV in the same way OS X or Windows runs your computer.
From the moment you turn the TV on for the first time, webOS guides the user to set up the TV and connect it to the internet via the built-in wi-fi.
And it also makes it easy for day-to-day use whether it’s accessing the web from the TV’s browser, firing up catch-up TV apps, switching between sources and adjusting the settings.

The LG TV has a curved stand and a white rear panel

LG has once again included the small Magic Remote to control the television so it is your controller and also a cursor so you can use it like the mouse on your computer.
On the picture quality side, this LG TV really brings it. This year’s the picture has got an extra kick and it’s courtesy of the new technology LG has packed into the panel.

The first is Color Prime which uses different LED phosphor colors to increase the range and quality of the color on the screen. This is backed by Ultra Luminance that’s designed to analyse the light and dark areas of a scene in real time to boost the brightness and contrast of the picture and the result is one great looking picture.

Color had a little extra punch without looking artificial. It still had a natural look and lifelike quality. Its contrast is excellent and gives the overall picture a good mix.


The TV is powered by the webOS 2.0 software and has a quad-core processor on board
Quality really shone through when watching native 4K Ultra High Definition content off a USB drive.
It really highlighted the depths of the reds, blues and greens with the tiniest details plain to see on the screen.
The 200Hz field refresh rate the motion blur was virtually non-existent.

HOME, 65" TV

The LG 65UF950T has a sleek design and will look good in any room

Another massive tick for the LG UHD TV is the audio quality thanks to the built-in Harman Kardon speakers.

It’s one having a gorgeous ultra high definition picture but having poor speakers is like driving a Ferrari on budget tyres – it takes away from the whole experience. There’s no such worry with the LG UF950T which delivers excellent sound whether you’re watching regular TV, sport or a movie.

Other features that will endear this TV to customers is the Cinema 3D to enjoy 3D Blu-ray movies and the time machine-twin tuner that lets you record to an external USB hard drive and watch one show while you record another.

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