LG Leads Premium TV Market With Super UHD TV

LG Electronics unveiled its global TV lineup for 2015, announcing its plan to focus on the premium TV market with its SUPER UHD TV lineup. LG’s SUPER UHD TV, which is a tier above the company’s SUPER UHD TV, boasts features that are even more remarkable than its existing UHD lineup with the company’s cutting-edge display technologies.

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Indeed, LG’s SUPER UHD TV lineup flaunts supreme picture quality and top notch resolution for your ultimate viewing pleasure. Offering four times the resolution of Full HD TV with its premium design, LG’s SUPER UHD TV lineup is enhanced with its ColorPrime technology, ULTRA Luminance, the 4K In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel and the LG Prime Mastering Engine.

You may wonder how LG Electronics ascertains PRIME quality in every aspect of TV, unmatched by any other competing UHD TV. We now invite you to the next level of 4K entertainment to bring a paradigm shift in your viewing experience, transforming it into a ‘true-to-life’ moment with Super technologies in picture quality and design.

Get Ready for the Ultimate Evolution of 4K Entertainment

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On LG SUPER UHD TV, every color comes alive and each detail prevails. The delicate color expression of ColorPrime by Nano Spectrum allows you to discover colors as nature intended using Wide Color Gamut technology and take in the full color range that conventional LCD TVs cannot express. Furthermore, subtle difference in brightness can now be delivered by extended expression range of brightness, with higher peaks and enhanced contrast ratio with LG’s ULTRA Luminance technology.

What’s more? Equipped with LG’s 4K IPS panel, LG SUPER UHD TV delivers true colors from any angle with four times the resolution of Full HD. To further enhance the picture through digital rendering, the LG Prime Mastering Engine orchestrates the settings of the TV with its own algorithm, creating PREMIUM picture quality.

Enrich Your Decor with Breathtakingly Slim Design

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In addition to premium picture quality, LG’s SUPER UHD TV offers a bigger 4K screen in a slimmer size that seamlessly blends into your living space for a look of elegance and luxury. The immersive viewing experience is available through LG’s slim-bezel CINEMA SCREEN design. Moreover, its unique auditorium stand creates an immersive sound experience, making one instantly feel as if present in an auditorium.

In particular, LG’s SUPER UHD TV 55UF9500 comes with the stunningly thin 8.5mm UltraSlim Design display in an industry where competing displays are between 40 and 50mm in depth.

LG’s PRIME Technologies Acknowledged with International Awards

LG CES Awards, Super UHD TV

LG CES Innovation Awards

Meanwhile, LG’s 65UF9550 has been recognized by the Consumer Electronics Association with 2015 Innovation Award for its excellence in picture quality and design. This great achievement underscores the company’s commitment to its brand promise ‘Innovations for Better Life,’ which ultimately aims to enrich the lives of consumers by bringing more convenience.

Reinforcing LG’s position as a leading brand in picture quality innovation, LG’s SUPER UHD TV lineup will continue to bring its consumers an impressive and supreme experience. With PRIME technologies in picture quality and design, not only will you discover colors as nature intended but see every color come alive for a true-to-life experience.

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