Product Review: LG Music Flow

LG brings new multi-room speakers with new hi-res LG Music Flow  system, an audio system that’s simply ahead of its time.

Top Features



• 4.1ch, 360W Soundbar
• Wireless Subwoofer
• Google Cast for Audio
• Bluetooth™ and Wi-Fi® Compatibility
• Audio Streaming Services
• Auto Music Play by Range-of-Flow™
• Home Cinema Mode
• HDMI/Optical/ Analog Connectivity

Use your Phone to Control the Speakers

Music Flow Series has Google Cast built-in so you can cast your favorite audio apps like Pandora, GooglePlay™ Music, and NPR One from your personal device to your speakers. You can cast from your Android™ phone or tablet, iPhone, iPad, Mac or Windows laptop or Chromebook.

google cast

* Android, Google Play, Google Cast and the Google Cast badge are trademarks of Google Inc.

Audio Streaming Service


LG Music flow

You can access the latest music streaming services such as Spocify, Deezer, Napster and TuneIn through LG’s Music Flow player.

* Available Content Provider services vary by region and country and subject to change without notice.

Auto Music Play by LG Range-of-Flow™

Just get close to Music Flow. With LG Range-of-Flow(TM) technology, the Music Flow will automatically sync and play music on your smart devices.

 Bluetooth™ and Wi-Fi® Compatibility

wifi, LG Music Flow

Many Speakers today allow for the transmission of audio from smart device to bluetooth Some systems will let you use your Home Wi-Fi to transmit music around the house.

The LG Smart Hi-Fi line of Speakers allow for the ease of Bluetoothe and the flexibility, stability and bandwidth of Wi-Fi.  Get the best of both worlds.

Home Cinema Mode


home cinema, LG Music Flow

Simply add an LG Music Flow sound bar to your network and synchronize it with your LG Music Flow speakers to enjoy the home cinema experience.

Multi-room Mode


multi room, LG Music Flow

Speakers placed in separate rooms can play the same music or different music based on your needs. Synchronize your multi-room speakers together to play the same song in every room.

HD Music Playback 

Be free to play any music source, even 24 bit/192 kHz HD music file, such as FLAC, WAV, AIFF, Apple Lossless. With LG Music Flow even large capacity files can be seamlessly shared around the home without dropouts.

Home Chat

You can text your speaker via SMS on the way home and music ready to play when you arrive. You can also set auto-timers, alarms and even have songs recommended for simplified listening with a fun and easy chat.

Seamless Network


LG MusicFlow, Multi-room-Mode

By combining a mesh network technology with Dual Band Wi-Fi (2.4/5GHz) LG Music Flow provides a stable and seamless connection that never misses a beat.

Check out the LG Music Flow Demo Movie and learn how to go with the flow!



The LG Music Flow will soon be on LG dealer shops, and we’ll soon communicate where you can find them and the pricing. In the mean time just think about how simple and good life can be if you can have the Music Flow system in your house.


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