Huge Discounts for The New LG OLED TV sets At Nakumatt & House Wife’s Paradise!

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LG OLED TV is a new Category of Television that promises to change your TV viewing experience forever! We’ve seen a revolution of TVs, from the CRT, Plasma, LCD, LED, UHD, and now we have the OLED TVs. OLED stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diode with pixels that can be individually controlled to achieve perfect black and infinite contrast, LG OLED TVs are the best TV technology you’ve ever seen!



The OLED TVs are now available in the local LG Kenyan and Eastern African market, and to make them affordable, Nakumatt Mega and Housewife’s Paradise are giving some great Discounts to ensure people can now afford them.

You can now get up-to 40% Discount on selected TV models. Most of the models on offer are 55″ and 65″ OLED TVs, where customers can make up-to Ksh 300,000 Savings.



This is an offer of a lifetime, given out for the first time in Kenya, giving you a great chance to upgrade your current TV to the latest most advanced technology, without breaking your bank.

With viewing angles this wide, every spot on the couch is the best seat in the house. Whether you love sports, nature, gaming or movies, you can now enjoy them all at the comfort of your house thanks to the LG OLED TV technology.

Visit Nakumatt Mega or Housewife’s Paradise this weekend and enjoy the great Offers while stocks last. Better still, visit for a test, watch the TVs, look at the picture quality, the wide viewing angles, cinematic color, 4k Resolution among other great features, then decide…





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