LG OLED TVs: The Ultimate Sporting Experience

The introduction of sports to modern man in ancient times as compared to now has rapidly changed. From creation of new sports to advancing technology in the various fields of sports, sports have been made accessible and more for one to participate and view globally.

The close connectivity between sports and technology has brought about effective enhanced athlete performance, increased accuracy for judges and a better experience in viewing competitions. This gives an opportunity for technology to play a supporting role in sports.

In regards to this, LG plays a big role in the consumer’s sporting experience as both viewer and participant and experience of athletes in their various sporting activities. Some of the ways LG delivers this is through;



When viewing sports, one aims to create the best atmosphere and experience from the comfort of your home. The man cave is one of the ultra-modern technologies where this experience comes to life. Apart from having sporting memorabilia on the wall, a top of the line HD TV is required. The LG line of OLED TVs is the perfect match to this man cave as it offers the highest picture clarity and can also host streaming apps eliminating the need of set boxes, bringing out the ultimate viewing experience.

When watching a game live at the stadium, the fans roars, cheers and excitement goes a long way in creating a lasting memory and unforgettable experience. When watching from home, one wishes to have such an atmosphere as such from the comfort of their houses. This is why LG introduced the wireless sound bars and surrounds speakers which provide high quality output bringing about the atmosphere of games are designed to par with the OLED TVs bringing about smart connectivity.

The introduction of live streaming of sports and events has created a gateway in making sports easily accessible and efficient as one is able to access what they want to watch at any given place and time, but with it comes some downsides to it such as poor audio quality. With the new introduction of LG’s PH and PW projectors they have redefined the whole experience of streaming games from your phone. Together with the LG 360 portable speakers, the advanced projectors which be paired with smartphones beam high quality content while the speakers emit high quality audio making it ideal for all kinds of set ups such as vacations.

With no doubt, the rise of technological advancement of the mobile phone has risen rapidly over the last six years. This has also had a major impact on sports such as purchasing of tickets, checking the starting lineups to getting the best parking slot. With up-to-date Wi-Fi networks being existent in most stadiums, teams are in a position of building their social presence as fans are able to take selfies and videos of themselves at such events. What better way to do this than to use LG’s V10 and G5 equipped with high megapixel cameras to capture the best moments live.

Let us all embrace smart technology in shaping the future of sports.


Original Article by Dan Obura Buramag

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