Find The Right Refrigerator

Looking for a new fridge but unsure of what to look for?

Below are some tips that will come in handy while choosing an ideal fridge.

Explore just a few of the features that make LG refrigerators stand out above the rest.

LG Fridge

Design: Contoured doors, hidden hinges, LED lighting, smooth-gliding drawers are just a few of the design features that make LG fridge freezers both stylish and functional.

Large Capacity: Enjoy adjustable refrigerator shelves, and drawers in a range of sizes that allow you to store the foods you love with ease. Whether you organize them by food group, family favorites or shelf life, you’ll find an abundance of room for the things you use every day.

Efficiency: Keep foods and beverages fresher for longer – and save money – with Smart Cooling Plus technology that maintains optimal humidity and temperature levels in your refrigerator. Digital sensors constantly monitor conditions, while the energy-efficient Linear Compressor and Dual Evaporator react to keep humidity at bay. And our refrigerators’ innovative crisper drawers remove air and seal the compartment to help keep food fresh.

Water and Ice Dispenser: Our refrigerators’ water and ice dispensers are designed for larger containers, including pitchers and pint glasses. And because their Slim SpacePlus™ icemakers are completely housed in the refrigerator door, you’ll have more shelf space to store items and find them quickly.

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