LG V10 (UX 4.0): A Metal Mobile Video Shooting Powerhouse

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The LG V10 flagship phone is part of a new V-series of phones from LG and features some unique innovations such as a secondary display, stainless steel construction and a manual video mode. All of this is on top of continuing its core features such as a removable battery and microSD slot.

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Hands on video for the LG V10- for a close feel of the device

Stainless Steel: Premium and Durable

LG has finally moved to metal for the construction of one of its phones. Although it previously made some older dumbphones out of metal, it hasn’t used this material in any of its smartphones. However, unlike some OEMs who incorporate metal for the sake of metal into their designs, LG has really thought about what using it means for a phone.

LG V10

The Second Display

It acts as a ticker-tape style information bar above the main screen, which can display app shortcuts, contact shortcuts, notifications, music controls and more. In addition, though, when the V10 is off, it can be set to “always on” to show the date, time and weather, and also four customizable shortcuts; shown below are ringer, Wi-Fi, flashlight and camera shortcuts. Perhaps our favorite use of this display is to be a persistent panel for the camera mode buttons, making them easier to access when taking pictures or video.

LG V10


It’s All About The (Video) Camera

If there is one feature of the V10 that stands out above all else, it is its vastly improved video capture mode. If the G4 was all about improving still capture performance, then the V10 would be all about video (which would explain the V). What hasn’t changed is the actual camera hardware over the G4. The V10 still uses the Sony IMX234 Exmor RS image sensor, has an f/1.8 lens in front of it, and it has the same improved OIS 2.0, the laser autofocus, and the color spectrum sensor for more accurate white balance.


LG V10


The LG V10 is now available in Kenya at Safaricom Shops and Tricom among other dealers, and also in Eastern Africa at selected dealer shops. Go and give it a test run, its much better hands on than on paper. #Lifes_Good.

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