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February is the month of celebrating love, reflecting on relationships and making new promises to go to a higher level of love expression. Valentine’s Day sets the stage for a dramatic climax as people, stores and streets adorn the bold, rich red color and make their fashion statement. There would not have been a better month to share with our loyal customers and fans the kind of love that makes Life so Good than this February.

LG G4, LG Valentines offer
Going in line with our maxim Life’s Good, we came up with a campaign that would inspire Kenyans to show some heartfelt appreciation for the people who came into their lives and changed them for the better. LifeIsGoodKE was thus born as a Valentine Campaign that re-introduces some love-induced drama into the lives of people in love and re-ignites their spark. The inspiration was the alluring, power-packed LG G4 Stylus smartphone.

LG G4, LG Valentines offer
We wanted this campaign to be fun, and to make people remember the little things about the love of their loves that made them fall in love. So, what better way to reinstate our sentiments and Valentine objectives than through a ‘Life is good because I met you.’ tagline? Through our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Pages, we asked couples to surprise their loved ones by sharing stories about what makes their loved ones so special. The only rules were to share your story, tag your partner and use the campaign hashtag.

The campaign lasted only two weeks but the response we got was overwhelming! There were over 1000 shares on Facebook alone, and more than 60 unique tales of love were written. We got stories from people still in young love, married couples, parents, friends and people who were still going strong on their long relationships. The tales were told in prose, poetry and images and they love touched thousands of hearts across the country. They also gave ideas to people who were yet to appreciate their loved ones.

LG G4, LG Valentines offer

This is how the campaign worked… you post your tale of love as a comment on our central campaign post (we had pinned this post on LG Electronics Eastern Africa Facebook Page) and tag the love of your life so that they are notified when they login to Facebook. The tagged people were ecstatic and they showed this by sharing their sweet messages of love and appreciation in turn. The rest of the Facebook community also joined in to wish the many lovebirds a long and happy life together forever. We had never seen so much love pouring from one platform; we got a little teary-eyed.

The best story writers got to win the elegant LG G4 stylus for themselves and their loved one. This phone is a magnificent beauty. It packs plenty of power with its quad-core processor, letting you switch between tasks seamlessly. One moment you are replying to an office email and the next moment you are video chatting with your loved one. It has a large HD screen that makes viewing videos and pictures a pure delight. The enhanced 5MP front and 13MP rear shooters ensure that you capture those wonderful moments in very clear snapshots. The 16GB internal memory gives you more than enough space to save those lovely WhatsApp audio notes and pictures of your family sharing a good time. The LG G4 stylus brings convenience to you in your day-to-day tasks. You do not have to worry about it powering off when calling your loved one as it packs a 3000Mah battery. For those who love scribbling down things during those long afternoon meetings, they just have to pull out the stylus and get scribbling

The LG G4 is a phone that delivers an experience you will never forget, helping you create and archive those precious moments for eternity.

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