LG Electronics East Africa Donates Uniforms To School In Tanzania

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LG Electronics East Africa, the leading solution provider of consumer electronics, has donated uniforms to Uhuru Mchanganyiko Primary School as part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility.

Uhuru Mchanganyiko plays an important role in supporting the growing children with disabilities but the primary school has limited resources to meet the student demands. The donation of the uniforms is aimed at supporting the children with disability at the Dar es Salaam-based special school. The company has a culture of serving back the needy communities in which it operates.

Under the spirit of supporting the underprivileged communities, LG Electronics East Africa has decided to pick Uhuru Mchanganyiko primary school. The school comprises of children with different forms of impairment such as visual, intellectual, skin and the deaf. The school has a total of 650 students of which 23 % students with different forms of impairment , aged between 7 and 18 and are divided into groups of boarding and day scholars. The school which is located in Ilala district in Dar es Salaam does not charge school fees and therefore depends much on donations.

Uhuru Mchanganyiko Primary School needs different supporting to maintain provision of education to the needy students. The challenges range from learning equipment, health services, clothing, talking computers, walking sticks, medicines, special washrooms etc.

Such social cause driven initiative by corporate companies are always welcomed by society to uplift the under privileged.

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