A Look At The Benefits Of A Commercial Display TV

What is a Commercial Display TV

In the same way a pro photographer uses a purpose-built camera, or a construction worker will use commercial grade tools, your business demands a purpose built commercial grade television. The commercial grade televisions are built to withstand constant use and withstand harsh public environments.

Whether you own a sports bar, restaurant or even in an office setting, you expect that your Television will provide entertainment and information in an always-on environment with no down time and this is exactly how the Commercial Display TV works.

You may be tempted to pick up an inexpensive consumer TV for your business, but like all reputable businesses there is a reason why professionals use pro gear. Your TV should be no exception.

Where can Commercial Display TV’s be used

Commercial Banks
Hotels and Restaurants
Entertainment Joints and Pubs
Corporate Offices

Why you should buy a Commercial Display TV for your business

They have extensive advanced anti burn-in & image-retention features thus are designed to withstand longer operating hours and can run from 16 to 24 hours per day

Have incorporated measures to protect controls in a public environment including locking of front panel and IR remote and robust construction of the display chassis

They are designed as monitors first and are optimized for computer resolutions

Are designed for viewing in both landscape and portrait modes.

Designed with built in thermal characteristics the internal design for proper heat dissipation in both portrait and landscape modes thus have additional fans to dissipate heat.

They Produce full grayscale and good linear color tracking from black to white consequently showing different levels of luminance (brightness).

The LG Commercial Display TV

The LG commercial display TVs are produced for commercial purposes and for displaying media and digital content in a professional environment.

LG uses commercial grade components which are designed to expand the life of your flat panel. Key considerations such as heat, dust and humidity all play a role in the build quality of an LG commercial grade panel. Not only is the construction of a commercial grade panel superior to your panel at home, the “back-end” infrastructure allows you to post content that is important to you with ease.

Benefits of using the LG Commercial Display TV at your business premise

Durability LG Commercial TVs are manufactured with commercial grade components to extend the product lifespan over the conventional consumer TV.

Public Display Mode From channel selection to energy-saving features, the LG TV has a Public Display Mode that allows you to control the TV settings in your business area and prevent misuse by customers

Welcome Screen Your LG Display TV will welcome visitors with a warm greeting message that includes your business name and logo.

USB Cloning It has a USB Cloning feature that allows you to simply copy the TV settings onto all other TVs using a USB stick.

Multi IR It has a Multi IR function that eliminates the remote-control signal interference between TVs

Cost You save on cost in the long term by using a LG Commercial Display TV over the normal consumer Display TV

Service In case of repairs and LG will arrange for on-site servicing of your Commercial Display TV


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