Everything Moms Need To Know About The LG Twin Wash Front Load Washing Machine

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The LG conventional washer comes with its advantages. It is energy efficient, eco-friendly and its washing performance gets your laundry efficiently clean. This washer has made work easier but LG have brought us another washer which will make your work easier than ever before. The new LG Twin Wash Front Load washing machine comes with a separate drawer that handles the smaller and more delicate loads during laundry. The amazing aspect about this washer is that it enables you to handle normal, large or heavily soiled laundry to the delicate, small or lightly soiled laundry at the same time.


LG Twin Wash, Twin Wash


Ideal for a family house-hold, the Twin Wash takes care of the laundry load that needs special attention compared to the rest. For a normal household setting we find that the mother is the one who does the laundry. When doing laundry, a lot of time is taken while separating the clothes according to their washing needs i.e the delicate, colored and soiled.

The LG Twin Wash is here to make mothers have an easy time when it comes to doing their laundry and having time for other chores and themselves. The two washers in one can be set differently according to the treatment that is needed to make the laundry cleaner than ever before.

It allows the busy mom to be able to clean up the house while the laundry is getting cleaned. During this time, she can pick up the toys and dirty clothes and still be able to throw them in the washer. While she cleans up her house, her laundry can be cleaned too and by saving on thirty minutes of her time she can squeeze in that needed power nap or catch up on her favorite book.

Thanks to the inverter technology that powers the Twin Washer, less noise is produced during laundry. Therefore, mom can do the laundry even when the little ones are asleep and not worry about them waking up during their afternoon nap. The Twin Wash produces less noise because unlike the conventional washers whose motor requires the use of a belt or pulley, the LG Twin Wash does not. As a result, the minor mechanical parts dissipate less energy. This also means that the washer will cut down on electricity consumption, enhance the washing performance, have durability and reduce noise and vibration. If this is not the ultimate win for our moms, I don’t know what is.


LG Twin Wash, Twin Wash


Moms always want the best for their families and this starts with the confidence they get with what they wear. The Twin Wash has the 6 Motion Direct Drive Technology which provides optimized motion combinations for each fabric type so that it delivers powerful washing performance with less damage. It also has the Turbo Wash Technology that reduces laundry time up to 30 minutes, but with the same washing performance. This will make mom the super hero in her family in keeping her family looking smart every day and maintaining all this in good time. Here’s something to brag about among the moms.


LG Twin Wash, Twin Wash


A mom always wants to show that they care about their family and this can be extended by getting the Twin Wash Front Load machine. For anyone in your household with allergies then the Twin Wash has the solution. It is fitted with the Allergiene Cycle to do away with the allergens that may be present on clothes. The Allergiene Cycle removes common household allergens such as dust mites and pet dander. Allergen Sanitization penetrates fibers with atomized steam to deeply sanitize them. This takes you a notch higher in the laundry game. Your family will be forever grateful to you!

 LG Twin Wash, Twin Wash


Go ahead and get yours today. The LG Twin Wash Front Load machine is available on our online brand shop at http://lg.brandshop.co.ke



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