LG East Africa Holds A Successful Blood Donation Drive In Nairobi

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Every year LG Electronics carries out a blood donation campaign in the month of November at their local offices and all their foreign branches/subsidiaries around the world as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. The theme for this year’s Blood Donation Campaign was “Every Donor Is a Hero”

Blood Donation, LG CSR                                  Blood Donation, LG CSR

The exercise, organized by LG EA in conjunction with The Blood Link Foundation and the National Blood Transfusion Center was held at the parking lot of LG East Africa’s offices at 14 Riverside, Nairobi.

Blood Donation, LG CSR

Participants turned up in large numbers and enthusiastically waited in-line to donate their blood for the noble cause. Leading the way amongst LG employees was LG EA General Manager Mr. Janghoon Chung and LG EA Marketing Director Mr. Moses Marji

Blood Donation, LG CSR

The process involved registration of the participants, filling out a brief questionnaire to ascertain their level of fitness & preparedness for the exercise and the actual blood donation that typically took less than 10-12 minutes where a sterile needle was used to draw the blood from each donor after which it was discarded. Roughly one pint of blood was given by each donor (an equivalent of 450Ml of blood). After the process the donors were treated to some refreshments to aid in regaining lost energy.

Blood Donation, LG CSR

LG East Africa GM Janghoon Chung Donates Blood

Speaking after the event Blood Link Foundation Program Manager Ms Mona Okello said that the exercise managed to attract an estimated 91 blood donors against an expected 60 donors. She thanked LG East Africa and its employees for the noble initiative and the impressive turn out. She also reiterated on their desire to continually partner with LG EA in this important initiative which has over the years benefited a sizeable number of people and helped to save lives.

The highlight for the day was a group photo session by LG employees to celebrate the success of the event.

We hope to catch you during our next blood donation drive next year as we give a little to save a life with LG because Life’s Good 🙂 #LG

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