LG Eastern Africa Wins the Best E-Commerce Platform Award At Innofest 2018

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LG Eastern Africa has been awarded the Best LG E-Commerce platform award in the Middle East & Africa (MEA) at the LG Innofest 2018 held in Cape Town – South Africa.

The steady decline of giant retailer Nakumatt; the country’s biggest supermarket with a chain of branches spread across different parts of the country had a big impact on the overall sales revenues of LG given that it was the biggest distributor of our products.

As such we sought to diversify our sales channels to especially reach out to prospective premium product consumers, choosing to focus on online consumers. Based on our market study, we established that the best option was to open up an online brand shop that would help us access the growing number of online consumers and complement our sales efforts through communication of our products and services on LG social media platforms. This therefore meant that we had to change our style of communication on our social media forums so as to appeal to a wider market of our target audience


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• We  launched an exclusive LG online brand shop in May of 2017 whose total sales had topped USD. 222K by November of the same year
• We created an Instagram account
• We undertook various CSR campaigns: for instance 100 online followers participated on-ground during World Environment Day and 10 online followers donated blood during our annual blood drive initiative.
• We carried out several successful product launches including; the launch of the LG LOUDR Hi-Fi systems (Where we invited a good number of our online fans) and the launch of the OLED TVs in the East African market.
• We redesigned our online blog

This measurements led to; over 25K clicks to the brand shop through Social media during this period, Growth of our Facebook community from 426K to 607K, Increased brand preference from74% to 79.2%, significant views and visits to www.LG.com, which increased by 130%

Speaking while receiving the award, LG Managing Director for East African Mr. Janghoon Chung, said that LG had embarked on aggressive sales of its products online in Kenya and East Africa as a whole, which has seen an increase in online shoppers over the past few years, a majority being the target market whom are the youth. He expressed his confidence in the Kenyan online market that is projected to grow in size over the next 5 years due to increased stability of the economy, which he noted presented a good chance for LG to showcase its premium products.


You can visit our online brand shop HERE lg.brandshop.co.ke









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