LG Reasserts Inverter Tech Leadership Through World-Changing LG Inverter Equation

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Emphasizes LG Inverter Tech’s Role as Core of Home Appliances

LG Electronics (LG) has released an original video highlighting its outstanding inverter technology. The clip shows the innovative and amazing qualities of LG Inverter as driving solution for living a better life. The witty and creative story depicted in the video, features the high and constantly evolving utility of LG Inverter technology that enhances the performance and energy efficiency of LG appliances.

Over the course of human history, several equations have changed and developed civilization. The video shows the latest such equations discovered from the legacy of a world-famous scientist. The discovery brings about major change and development as significant such those by the Pythagorean theorem, the second law of thermodynamics and other great equations. Through the new equation, LG home appliances offer optimal performance and better energy efficiency to satisfy consumers.


LG Inverter, Inverter equation, equation


As seen in the video, LG Inverter controls the motors and compressors installed in all LG appliances. This technology is thus the catalyst for better performance and higher energy efficiency in the functions of freshness, cleanliness and cooling by LG appliances, including washers, air conditioners, refrigerators and microwave ovens. In addition, inverter-equipped products are fully protected by a 10-year warranty.


LG Inverter, Inverter equation, equation


Thus, the superior performance of LG Inverter has made the company a global giant in home appliances. LG conducts its own R&D and manufacturing of this key component, and this allows the creation and production of innovative and cutting-edge products that ensure LG’s commanding presence in the market. Through its inverters, LG’s hidden equation, the electronics giant is supremely confident of achieving the highest quality in the three key elements of home appliances: performance, energy efficiency and reliability.

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