Get An Irresistable Deal On The 55” LG OLED TV This Football Season

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As football fans world over gather to support and cheer the world’s greatest teams in the the ultimate football tournament, it’s only right that the world’s favorite TV and electronics brand offer’s their consumers an easy way in to the action 🙂 LG East Africa is giving away a mouthwatering deal on its 55″ LG OLED TV. That’s right, we are giving a 15% a discount for the purchase of the 55” LG OLED TV so you won’t have to travel a mile to experience the world’s premier football tournament when you can do so right in your living room!


Let’s take a sneak peak at what this amazing TV has to offer and you will see why you need to take advantage of our amazing offer

Extreme thinness to blend with any home décor

The thickness of the screen can be innovatively reduced because it has no back-light. This TV can perfectly match with any home décor due to its extremely slim design.

The supreme image quality the world longs for

Perfect Color is revealed only on Perfect Black. Experience the unmatched picture quality created by OLED TV’s self-lighting pixels.




Surround yourself in rich sound

Let yourself be transported by LG’s newest and most advanced simulated surround sound from virtual seven channels for superior immersion.

WebOS 3.5 will make TV simple again

Maximize the full potential of your Smart TV the easy way and access more options then Sit back, relax and let webOS 3.5  make watching TV effortless and enjoyable.

Easy and fast way toNetflix 4K HDR content

With easier control and faster access, you can explore and enjoy more of Netflix’s premium 4K HDR content on his amazing LG OLED TV


So if you are looking for a TV that offers you everything you would want in a premium TV, look no further! The 55” LG OLED TV is the real deal! From self-lighting pixels to an impressive OLED display & gorgeous design this is an investment worth your time & money

You can also get one from the LG online brand shop HERE


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