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The Korea Business Center (KOTRA) in conjunction with the Korean Embassy in Nairobi over the weekend hosted the 2018 Korea Consumer Goods Fair. The event held to encourage the Kenyan community to learn and explore the diversity of Korean business & culture as well as invest in Korean technology, lifestyle, beauty & food, showcased a variety of Korean consumer goods that targeted businesses, consumers and families.


Korea Fair                                  Korea Fair


The Korea Fair took place at The Village Market in Nairobi and brought together Korean companies as well as vendors of various consumer goods and services from both Korea & Kenya. We were off course not to be left behind and we literally stood out in all aspects; from our stand to our products! LG was indeed the stand to be and we went all out to present our exquisite premium range of products to a very excited crowd of interested consumers!

First in line was the sleek & stylish LG InstaView™ fridge! This cool fridge just needs two easy knocks on its mirrored glass panel to light up and it lets you see what’s inside, saving cold air loss by up to 30/% and keeping your food fresher for longer


LG Instaview


Also on display was our hugely popular LG OLED TV that even outshined other TV sets from our key competitors who also participated in the show guest could not help but be dazzled by its , vivid colors, stunning contrast and Infinite detail that made our visitors feel right at home! This is one TV you can never get enough of 🙂




We also had something for the foodies and food lovers! As the name suggest our NeoChef microwave oven was here to prove that you don’t have to be a chef to become an expert cook! If you’re looking for an ultimate cooking partner, this is definitely it!! This microwave not only warms your food but it can also cook, grill, bake, steam, fry and defrost your foods! Yes you heard right!! You really need to get hold of this microwave and experience convenient cooking like never before!


LG Neo Chef


We most certainly could not leave our wives, mothers and care givers behind now could we? We also brought along the super fabulous LG TwinWash™ washing machine. With its two separate compartments that can wash two loads of clothes at one go, this washing machine is here to simplify your laundry and save on time, effort & money. A clean deal in deed!!


LG TwinWash


You don’t need to worry if you missed out on the event though, we still have lots more lined up so you need to keep it LG for updates on when and where to catch us next.

You can also check out some of this amazing stuff at our online brand shop where you can also make your order and we shall deliver it right at your doorstep free of charge. For more information visit our online brand shop HERE https://lg.brandshop.co.ke/

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