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After one of the longest months for the majority of Kenyans – Njaanuary – Valentine’s, the month of love is finally here.

Fondly known as siku ya wapendanao (The day of the lovers) by the swahili, Valentine’s Day is marked annually on 14 February to recognize, realize and acknowledge those we love.

During this day, people in almost every country show appreciation to those they love (not just spouses) but also friends, family members and anybody else they want to.

Valentine’s Day is never complete without gifts.

While unveiling the 2019 Valentine’s Day campaign, LG East Africa Assistant Manager Marketing & Corporate Communications, Ms. Maureen Kemunto noted that gifts are actually the essential part of the day. “Gifts make their customers feel much loved, “wanted”, and appreciated. Of course, taking those you love out for dinner is a silent and unwritten rule that almost 90 percent of people do”.

While most Kenyans prefer chocolate and flowers, LG is working to shift the perception of the perfect gift with the following top three tech-gifts for Valentines:

LG Signature OLED R

Wow your loved ones with this first Rollable TV set that takes smart technology to the next level. The TV has three viewing modes. The full view allows you roll out the set to watch TV. The line view enables the TV display to be partially unrolled and can show the time, the weather, photos, and an ambient scene like a fireplace, stream music and access to the home dashboard. Finally, the zero view allows the display to disappear but you can still listen to music through the 100-watts built-in Dolby Atmos speakers (Coming Soon!!)


Instead of going to the club on this day, why not surprise them with XBOOM Lineup and have some moves just within the comfort of your room? LG’s high-end XBOOM delivers a robust 2,000W output, employing a proprietary Blast Horn – a folded air duct behind the driver designed to create acoustic sound pressure by directing air through an amplifying duct – ensuring high-frequency reproduction and bass performance; creating relaxing sound users can feel as well as hear.

LG HomeBrewer

Designed for beer enthusiasts, the HomeBrewer allows for the in-home production of various popular styles ensuring excellent results with every batch. It can produce up to five liters of premium quality beer in approximately two weeks depending on the beer type. Currently, one can produce five distinctive, richly-flavored beers hoppy American IPA, golden American Pale Ale, full-bodied English Stout, zesty Belgian-style Witbier and dry Czech Pilsner.

May no gift be too small to give nor too simple to receive, which is wrapped in thoughtfulness and tied with love 🙂



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