How To Binge In Style With LG Valentines

Valentine’s Day holds great promise for many couples in the country as well as the singles. This coming Thursday, relaxing is the best mode of celebrating the day of love.

With relaxing being the top five things Kenyans intend to do this Valentines, spending some love hours infront of your Ultra HD TV isn’t a bad idea. Within the first three years of shipments, 4K/Ultra HD TVs is the  growing segment in the history of consumer electronics overshadowing HDTVs by four times with 16 million units shipped compared to 4.2 million units according to a research by Streaming Media.

Streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Video have embraced this idea with distribution of 4K movies and TV shows, which major studios have found worth investing in.

The global 4K TV market is expected to reach 380.9 billion by 2025 due to enhanced graphics, as the pressure for manufacturers to reduce prices and the popularity of ultra-high definition content. The rate of growth of 4K shipments is at 70% growing from 83 million 4K devices in 2016 to 1.2 billion in 2021.

LG leads in the production of UHD sets with its 4K OLED TVs with webOS content management platform. The webOS 3.0 provides an exceptional user experience to help users more intuitively navigate the TV’s many features.

In addition, the TV is embedded with an AI functionality that allows users to interact directly into the remote control through advanced voice assistant technology. Powered with ThinQ function as smart home hub, homeowners are guaranteed access to other smart home products such as robotic vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, air purifiers, smart lights and smart speakers that can connect to the TV via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

“Our latest intelligent processor powering the OLED TVs gives viewers true-to-life picture quality as well as intelligent voice-activated control and connectivity based on LG’s own deep learning smart technology,” says LG East Africa Assistant Marketing Manager Maureen Kemunto.


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