LG MEA President Mr. James Lee Supports Customer-Focused Strategy

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Newly Appointed LG MEA President Mr. James Lee Supports Customer-Focused Strategy

LG Electronics (LG) growth in East Africa will be fulfilled by a consumer-focused approach and positioning as a premium brand across B2B and B2C domains.

Speaking during his maiden visit to Kenya, LG’s newly appointed President of Middle East and Africa Region (MEA), Mr. James Lee said that LG sees customer-centric approach, premium brand building and smart technology will be the key drivers of growth and change.

“I believe the region’s growth can be achieved through putting into account the threefold approach. I look forward to seeing how we can leverage our ties with a growing number of local and international organizations to offer consumers further choice and empowerment when experiencing LG’s pioneering technology solutions,” said Mr. Lee.

Having extensive overseas experience in Marketing and Sales with LG Electronics, Mr. Lee has witnessed the growth of the organization and aided its success across business units and markets.

Commenting on his new role and vision for LG, Mr. Lee stated: “Having been a part of the LG family for a number of years, I am delighted to be named as the new President of MEA. This region is very important to LG not only in terms of strategy, but also in our efforts to enhance the lives of citizens around the world through various innovations in smart technology.”

For Mr. Lee, customer focus is particularly important at the R&D stage of any product’s creation. By always bearing the end-consumer in mind, LG seeks to enhance lives with simple, yet pioneering devices. In order to support this, LG has focused on premium brand building to offer consumers unique home and electrical appliances.

In terms of smart technology, LG has integrated AI into a multitude of its products, providing consumers with more efficient ways of living by providing more personalized care and offer newfound levels of convenience.

The company’s flagship OLED TVs are built with Alpha 9 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor that recognizes ambient light conditions and adjust to provide superior image quality. HDR (High Dynamic Range) content is also refined, adding contrast, depth of color and detail to deliver a greater sense of immersion.

LG TWINWash machines allows users to set two laundry cycles in motion simultaneously, saving time and upholding the quality of garments. InstaView refrigerators boast a convenient hands-free Open Door feature and Door-in-Door technology to increase visibility whilst maintaining optimum temperatures. The LG SIGNATURE brand has also helped LG position itself as a leader in style and innovation. LG SIGNATURE products combine the ease-of-use functionality LG is recognized for, with the finest quality materials and minimalist design.

At CES 2019 “The largest Consumer Electronics Show” in USA, LG unveiled a range of AI-equipped devices set to revolutionize home and work environments around the world, including the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R – the world’s first rollable TV.

For the workplace, LG designed the CLOi SuitBot – an AI-based wearable robot that enables users to complete manual tasks without exerting large amounts of pressure on the body. The SuitBot comes with loading and unloading support and augments to the wearer’s muscle power, reducing fatigue and increasing flexibility.

Mr. Lee concluded, “Through an emphasis on customer focus, premium brand building and smart technologies, LG seeks to offer consumers more personalized experiences across a range of products that blend seamlessly into home and work environments. Our LG SIGNATURE brand and CLOi robots are testament to how enhanced living can be achieved. I look forward to seeing how we can bring AI and smart technologies to life, making life simpler and more enjoyable for people in MEA.”

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