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OOO OOO. OO, 2019 LG Electronics (LG) has launched industry’s first 4-6 HP R32 refrigerant-applied variable refrigerant flow (VRF) solution, Multi V S. From residential buildings, condominiums with small balconies that have limited installation areas, and to small and medium sized stores and offices, Multi V S is the smallest and lightest among R32 refrigerant-applied compact sized VRF solution with even enhanced efficiency.

First single-fan R32-applied VRF solution to enter the market, the volume of LG’s Multi V S has been reduced by around 40% and the weight around 23%. With these upgrades, installations in smaller spaces is possible and the installation time and cost has been reduced, presenting more flexibility in the building designing and installation stage. Another benefit is the reduction in refrigerant charge, only needing 4.3kg compared to the previous 5.6kg.

As VRFs can be located in the balconies as well, the aesthetic aspect of external installation view has also been enhanced with the new structure. In terms of the noise level, the new Multi V S is assessed to be around 50-52 dB(A) on par in comparison to 50dB(A) of talking.

What’s most important is that the efficiency was not sacrificed during the size reduction. Rather, the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) and the seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) meets the top energy labelling standard of the Europe Commission, who sets one of the strictest standards around the world. Multi V S falls under either the A++ or A+++ grade in terms of SEER and SCOP, which is mostly higher than other products in the market.

This incomparable high efficiency was made possible with LG’s unique original technology, the R1 compressorTM. The compressor adapted in the Multi V S is an LG-exclusive hybrid scroll compressor with a shaft-through bottom compression structure. Resolving the endemic problem of a relatively low efficiency in the widely used rotary compressor and taking the advantages of scroll type compressors, LG’s new R1 compressor exhibits high stability and operating efficiency especially during low-load conditions. The R1 compressor allows Multi V S to post ultimate efficiency while meeting the needs for a more environment friendly cooling.

Adding to the eco-friendliness, the application of the lower global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant R32 is another key feature of the new Multi V S. R32 itself has merits in that it is cost-efficient, with around 69% reduction in cost (based on EUR, size 6HP) but the GWP of R32 refrigerant is also around 68% lower than that of the most widely used R410A refrigerant and meets the tightening F-gas regulation of the European Union.

Signature features of LG’s Multi V lineup have also all been adopted, one of which is the dual sensing technology. The technology allows more comfort and efficient operation by operating based on two factors that affect convenience, temperature and humidity. The fans inside have enhanced corrosion resistance with LG’s “Ocean Black Fin” technology, providing stronger protection to air pollution, salt contamination, etc. The design of the fan is biomimetic, which enables higher air volume to blow in a quieter setting.

OOO said, “Multi V S, being the most compact and light weight of its R32 refrigerant-applied compact sized VRF class, allows high flexibility during installation but still posts high efficiency with R32 refrigerant, which are significant to installers and building consultants when choosing VRF solutions,” adding, “Starting with the launch of this new product, LG will continue to lead the transformation of the HVAC industry to deliver the best-performance yet a greener solution with our innovative technologies.”

Sizes vary from 4, 5, 6HP and 8 to 13 indoor units can be connected with almost all existing R410A indoor units are compatible with the new product. Multi V S will be available in OOO, OOO, from OOO, OOO.

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