What is LG NanoCell TV Technology

What is LG NanoCell TV Technology

One of the new technologies in the TV industry is NanoCell. You may have heard about this new technology by LG if you have been on the market looking for a new premium TV. The question now, is, What is LG NanoCell? How does it work? and is it any good?

In a nutshell, NanoCell is a display technology type developed by LG and offers better color and clarity, a number of smart features, wide viewing angles and powerful processors. It promises an immersive viewing experience for a number of settings from watching movies, sports and even playing video games.

For a more technical term, NanoCell technology uses very tiny (nano) particles to improve picture quality. It does this to deliver rich, beautiful reds, blues and greens for the intended viewing experience by removing unwanted dull colours from the image.

 How does LG NanoCell TV technology work?

Nano Technology does this by absorbing “unwanted light wavelengths and enhance the purity of the red and green colors displayed on the screen.”

Filtering out the unwanted light wavelengths by the light-absorbing particles makes it possible for the NanoCell TV to deliver realistically-coloured images on the screen that is supported by a wide array of colours.

Filtering out colours is so accurate and you end up with colours such as red being seen clearly without any hint of other colours such as orange and yellow. The colours also pop so well without any fading or any instability like we see on some other TVs on the market.

In the real world, NanoCell technology also ensures smoother transitions between colours similar to each other. If you are watching a movie, what is on the screen appears realistic and natural-looking. Viewing angles are also enhanced with the colours appearing exactly the same no matter where you are sitting.

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