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Are you ready for a business opportunity that you wouldn’t regret at all? Then you’re just in the

right place at the right time.

Well… for starters, what comes to your mind when you hear the word Laundromat?

I’m sure you’ve come across the name somewhere, maybe in the streets, maybe online….

I bet you already knew but for those who don’t; a laundromat is an establishment with Washing machines and Dryers for public use, at a fee.

Laundromats are slowly gaining foothold especially in Nairobi, considering many people are always on the move, and they would want to promote a reliable business and one that guarantees good, high-quality service.

Here are a few reasons why YOU should actually invest in a Laundromat.

Scratch that…. not just a random Laundromat, but a Laundromat with LG Commercial Washing machines. Call it an LG Laundromat!

First off, the LG Commercial Washers come in two models; the Titan C and the Giant C+

Both will revolutionize the way you do your business by providing a total laundry solution.

Talk of making profit with high reliability due to how the LG Commercial Washing machines are convenient. From Durability, Energy efficiency, to flexibility of the Washing machines.

Since most businesses nowadays are slowly embracing the Digital sphere, you won’t be left behind if you invest in LG Commercial Washers. They come with the Smart Solution function: meaning you can track how your machine is doing via your phone, and also get to see your profits and revenues through the website.

The large capacity with big drum volume found in the LG Commercial Washing machines ensures you get to serve as many clients as possible without the machines consuming a lot of energy. To add icing on the cake, the machines come with Premium Powder coating that protects it from rusting and the machines get to stay in service for longer.

I can literally go on and on about the LG Commercial Washers and I would have a lot to say, so why don’t you check out for yourself on the link below;

You can start your own Laundromat even in a small shop nearby an apartment, in your estate, nearby a busy residential area like a hostel, or even in a medical facility. A busy town would be the best option.

Thanks to the flexible installation of the machines, you can utilize a minimal space to your best advantage e.g by stacking one machine on top of another.

Last but not least, the Tub Cleaning system in these Commercial Washers ensures Hygiene is not a compromise, especially now during this Covid-19 global crisis.

After all is said and done, are you now ready to start your next big investment? You should be.

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