LG G4: Offering You Everything You Want In A Phone And Then Some More ….. (Video)

February 16th 2016 |

The LG G4 Top Features;

Aesthetically unique and attractive design
Quad HD 5.5-inch screen is vivid and great for media
Snapdragon 808 shows how optimization is recipe for success
Backing is removable, comes in leather or plastic
Removable battery and expandable storage
Camera is among the best in quality
Camera manual mode is robust
With a unique and attractive design, great performance, and a fantastic camera and a replaceable battery, LG is offering to provide users with a phone with literally everything they may want, and more.

Check out a video below about the great features of the LG G4 Courtesy of Android Authority

The LG G4 is available in Kenya and Eastern African Market from top dealers, like Safaricom shops and others. It retails for approximately KSh 59,999/= check it out and try it. We guarantee that you’ll immediately love it!!

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