LG Continues To Partner With Kikuyu Hospital To Sponsor Amputees

August 19th 2016 | csr,

In 2006 LG partnered with P.C.EA. Kikuyu Hospital (Orthopedic unit) to help support needy limb patients across Kenya.

LG has been the principal benefactor for the Kikuyu Hospital limb operation project. Since its inception they have supported close to 700 patients.

However, over the years, the need has increased and so has LG’s commitment to making better the lives of the patients.

LG, is looking to impact more than just the lives of the Kikuyu hospital… but around the country as well

To that end LG and P.C.E.A Kikuyu Hospital would like to shine a light, that will bring this cause to the forefront of the minds of Kenyans, and other corporates who can join in the cause and make a difference in the lives of these patients in October 2016.

Check out this video below for the previous sponsorship activities;



More details of the Limb Walk will be given before end of this month, you’re most welcome to join us as we impact the Kikuyu Hospital community.


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